photograph of Mikey standing in front of a colourful wall

I'm Mikey, a Front-End Web Developer

Having started my journey as a freelancer and contractor, I'm experienced working through the whole website development cycle, from design to completion. I love using HTML, CSS (+Sass), Javascript, React and Gatsby to craft beautiful, functional websites and applications.

My Skills

Written / Verbal Communication

Having spent a great deal of time liasing with clients and management, my ability to communicate, both in written and verbal mediums, has become one of my greatest assets.

Fast, Efficient Learning

I'm a self-taught developer. With that comes the accolades of being driven, self-motivated and resourceful. This allows me to consume information learn new technologies and concepts with little, or no supervision.

Time Management

My time as a freelancer and contractor has allowed me to develop the necessary procedures to ensure that no matter what, deadlines are met.

Problem Solving

Solving problems is what I love the most about my job. So much so that I've worked on developing problem solving methods and frameworks to streamline my process and get faster results.